My Blog about cycling in Tel Aviv

Feel free to send us your ideas, dreams, fears, surprises and share this energetic bond that brings us together through dancing, jogging and mainly biking. Things to do in Tel Aviv, elsewhere in Israel or around the world, pedaling through urban landscape, along striking beaches or anything you may think of. I invite you to have a look at the blogs and share your thoughts and/or experiences with us.

Bike Trails in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is without a doubt the friendliest city in Israel for cycling. The Tel Aviv Municipality has set a goal of encouraging cycling in

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Magical Old Jaffa

An exciting guided bike tour through Tel Aviv. This is where history was made, the perfect combination of tranquility, harmony mixed with a busy, exotic

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Tel Aviv Gay Parade celebration

Tel Aviv Gay Parade

TOP LGBT destination – Not Only For Cyclists As we already know, Tel Aviv is famous for being a CITY THAT NEVER  STOPS. But these

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My Exotic Birthday

My exotic birthday It was my 59th birthday and it was winter. Michael wanted to surprise me. It was the last opportunity to be surprised before

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Urban Adventure

MY LATEST URBAN ADVENTURE Looking for new things to do for the exciting South Tel Aviv bike tour, I came across a striking gem, and

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