Guided Bike Tours in Tel Aviv

MikeyBikey offers the most active  guided bike tours you can experience in Tel Aviv and surroundings. Find out how this amazing city comes alive when you are guided by the right person

Join our exciting bike tours in Tel Aviv

Being a world traveled tourist myself, I know how time matters. You wish to see and absorb as much as possible, in minimum time, and I can help you on that.
Why by Bike?
Faster than walking, less limited than cars (drive only on streets). Riding respects our own rhythm. So, after decades of experience, my conclusion is: CYCLING IS THE BEST WAY TO TRAVEL!!
Living 3 decades in Tel Aviv, I slowly but surely fell deeply in love with this upbeat city and wish to share it with you. I’ll look after you and make sure you don’t fall off your bike while falling in love with the city.
And that is where YOU come in….
There is no better way to experience Tel Aviv, than by biking and with me. I will consider my mission accomplished once you end this trip with a smile or feel like returning to Israel for a re-bike.


Our 6 Most Popular biking tours

Magical Old Jaffa - A Journey into The Past

Ride with me thousands of years back to ancient Jaffa
Best Value

Private Tailor Made Tour

A LA CARTE - You dream and we ride along

Exciting South Tel Aviv

Young, sleazy, multicultural and full of graffiti

Incredible Blue Lane Tour

Follow me along the fun Beaches and Ports of Tel Aviv
Great for kids

Green Lane Nature & Culture

Find out where locals spend their free time
Great for kids

Tel Aviv's Coolest Food Markets

Free your senses for a Fiesta of smells, tastes & colours

Customer Reviews

"I chose the private tour since I had only a couple of spare hours in Israel. I have travelled all over the world, and appreciated Michael kindly squeezing me in for a most memorable and exhilarating tour. It was short and fast, and allowed me to see and feel and learn more than I had experienced before. In the best sense, it was amazing. I often share the story of that trip with friends, and I can’t wait to tour with Michael again."
Tim Davis
New York
"I am a very adventurous person who loves tasting exotic food and getting lost in flea markets. Michael took me through three completely different kinds of markets in Tel Aviv and Jaffa. I thoroughly enjoyed the salted fish, tasting cheeses and lemon flavoured olives. The highest point was eating at chef Jonathan Barbie's Tehinaia (a real character). Mikey is original and spontaneous. I will definitely return for more"
"Being born in Colonia Valdense in Uruguay, where one is surrounded by farms, rivers, horses and sheep, I grew up riding horses and bikes. Because I like the real thing, in Tel Aviv I chose Mikeybikey because he is a true local and not a traditional tourist guide. Michael showed me absolutely stunning beaches and hidden spots in Jaffa, and I can only say that I thoroughly enjoyed every meter of our bike journey together"
Paula Malan

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