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Falling in Love

I fell in love with Tel Aviv and wanted to share this with you.

I will give you a piece of my personal history…
It all starts some decades ago.

My family came from Capetown to Herzlyia Pituach when I was 4.

One of the first memories of my childhood is sitting on my brother’s enormous bike, not reaching the pedals. Letting go from the wall was the biggest challenge ever. The feeling of freedom and wanting to ride away with my brother’s bike started at age 5.

As a little boy, Tel Aviv meant going to doctors, to a fancy restaurant or shopping for something very specific.

Growing up I used to hear adults talk negatively about the city.

Tourists used to avoid it in those days.

I travelled through many countries, sailed and lived life to the fullest.

Eventually grew up, got married and my personal journey changed radically and profoundly.

We bought a small house in Tel Aviv.

While all of us started having kids, our friends left and settled in large houses in the suburbs, or even further.  I was the only one among 25 childhood friends who chose to stay “behind” in Tel Aviv.

We enjoyed Tel Aviv, the park, the beaches, the culture and our children grew up in a green and calm neighborhood with all the advantages of a metropolis but with the atmosphere, rhythm and beat of a small town. We know our neighbors, we borrow milk and tomatoes, they leave their dog for a week end, we baby sit cats and dogs of each other, and life went on for a couple of decades.

About 15 years ago my love affair with biking restarted. The combination of pedaling freely through the park to the beaches and sniffing new urban corners of  Tel Aviv were out of this world.

I just concluded that this was a win win combination and discovered how  biking and Tel Aviv complement each other.

Nowadays, I look back and can proudly say that I made the right decision, and more than that, I can even announce that I am a lucky fellow!!

Regarding the city, nowadays I can speak out loudly that


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