Tel Aviv Gay Parade

Tel Aviv Gay Parade celebration

TOP LGBT destination – Not Only For Cyclists

As we already know, Tel Aviv is famous for being a CITY THAT NEVER  STOPS.

But these days, Tel Aviv is beyond this motto. It  is absolutely bubbling, fizzy and colorful as a Tequila sunrise cocktail with delicious orange juice, grenadine syrup and ice. You may feel free to garnish it with a cherry !

Beautiful people from all over the world, come in all colors and sizes of the rainbow, parties all over the place, juicy celebrations on almost every corner give the city a special aroma, scent and atmosphere.  

This is a unique chance to experience the fantastic day & nightlife Tel Aviv has to offer.

I suggest to start the afternoon with a Piña Colada, that get you started  with a big smile and the soothing rhythm. If you really feel like partying, let’s face it, this is the right place to be, a city that comes in a “user friendly” size, but invites you to party A LA GRANDE!

Now that you are feeling festive, Tel Aviv will invite you and prove it is a TOP gay destination. Just pick , from Hilton beach to Jaffa and you will discover one beach after the other, and realize there is much more than you are fishing for.

I was born in São Paulo, where the world’s biggest pride parade in the world takes place but, I will tell you a secret, while Tel Aviv is a relatively small city, it acts big! It takes fun seriously and because driving and drinking does not go together, the best will be to do it by bike.  

Time has come for you to leave cell phones & laptops behind and join  this epic playground where you can play until you fly.

My Exotic Birthday

My exotic birthday

It was my 59th birthday and it was winter. Michael wanted to surprise me. It was the last opportunity to be surprised before turning 60, quite a achievement age wise…. It should be a different occasion but not a flight abroad, an amazing gastronomic experience, or a theatre play. I wanted it to be connected with nature and not a 10 hour hike in the desert or mountains.

To be totally honest, I should mention a factor that must have caused Michael some trouble while planning the surprise. I had invited 10 girlfriends for a cheese fondue at home so, whatever the surprise Michael had prepared, it had to take this major aspect into consideration. So, I left it to the universe and to Michael to decide….

Not surprisingly, his surprise involved Biking. So, I figured he would take me on a ride to one more magical corner of Tel Aviv, or maybe towards Herzliya along the beach. That would have been very beautiful, but not something we had never done in the past.

Just for the record, we started biking in 1984, when riding a bike in Israel was not that widespread. We cruised through parks, streets of Tel Aviv and I used to ride a bike to work until our daughter’s birth (yes!! I was 9 months pregnant).

Later on, when the babies were born, we continued our trend and, as soon as our children started to sit down, they were taken by bike everywhere. And that might be the reason they love biking today, as adults.

Now, back to my exotic birthday surprise.

In short, I was wrong! We woke up, had a beautiful breakfast and rode until Tel Aviv University train station. There we embarked on a train with our bikes and helmets to an unknown destination. The surprise came when we got off in Acco(Acre).

We swiftly left the train station, cruised through the small city and reached the promenade. It was a calm, clear, sunny morning with a cold breeze coming from the sea. It felt like being overseas. No work, no cooking, no cats to feed…. Pure freedom, and a deep feeling of being on a holiday. We started heading Northwards along the sea along a completely unfamiliar bike lane, which is always exciting (like almost everything for the 1st time!). Leaving the beach we started getting lost along the narrow and stunning little alleys. An absolutely delightful experience.

To sum it up, I can only say that Michael’s idea was completely out of the box. It just proved once again that the “exit is inside”, and we had the most surprising, entertaining and interesting journey through the countless exotic hidden gems of the city of Acco(Acre).

Needless to mention, my exotic birthday exceeded by far my expectations.

Urban Adventure


Looking for new things to do for the exciting South Tel Aviv bike tour, I came across a striking gem, and I am about to reveal it to you.

Exploring the New Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv felt like peeling an onion. Each lawyer took me further, until I bumped into endless breathtaking graffiti artwork. It really felt like finding a treasure!

  1. the way, this Station is in fact not that new, it is already 25 years old. Let’s face it, “everything is relative”.

Not only a Station, this is also a chance to see a prime architectural disaster of this city. What minimizes this blow, and makes it absolutely surprising (for the positive), is a project, in which a combination of international and Israeli artist created a hothouse of lively, colorful, sometimes shocking and dramatic graffiti. One clearly dives into a gigantic and original world of street art , and I reached this phenomena by bike, which made it even more fun.

This new Central Bus Station was so badly planned that one can easily get lost in it. I did it several times to sniff every single corner and discovered many abandoned shops which are, slowly but surely, turning into avant-garde art studios.

My most bizarre, maybe apparently “misplaced” discovery, was a Yiddish Living Museum, YES!! a Jewish cultural Museum in the epicenter of a meeting point between cultures, and it is called YUNG Yiddish Museum. All colours, all nationalities, dozens of different regions on this planet come to life in this important intersection of identities. And here there is a point ! Looking from this perspective, the Yiddish Living Museum is, after all, in its right place.

In addition to cultural activities, movies, music and events, this space is open for us to explore. Just to give you an example, while visiting the museum, a family was celebrating the birthday of a 93 year old grandfather (Zayde). The singing and dancing took over the entire hall.

This rich cultural scenario the New Central Bus Station is waiting for more and more discoveries. This place is to be shared, experienced, and that is certainly always more fun, if on a bike…

Falling in Love

I fell in love with Tel Aviv and wanted to share this with you.

I will give you a piece of my personal history…
It all starts some decades ago.

My family came from Capetown to Herzlyia Pituach when I was 4.

One of the first memories of my childhood is sitting on my brother’s enormous bike, not reaching the pedals. Letting go from the wall was the biggest challenge ever. The feeling of freedom and wanting to ride away with my brother’s bike started at age 5.

As a little boy, Tel Aviv meant going to doctors, to a fancy restaurant or shopping for something very specific.

Growing up I used to hear adults talk negatively about the city.

Tourists used to avoid it in those days.

I travelled through many countries, sailed and lived life to the fullest.

Eventually grew up, got married and my personal journey changed radically and profoundly.

We bought a small house in Tel Aviv.

While all of us started having kids, our friends left and settled in large houses in the suburbs, or even further.  I was the only one among 25 childhood friends who chose to stay “behind” in Tel Aviv.

We enjoyed Tel Aviv, the park, the beaches, the culture and our children grew up in a green and calm neighborhood with all the advantages of a metropolis but with the atmosphere, rhythm and beat of a small town. We know our neighbors, we borrow milk and tomatoes, they leave their dog for a week end, we baby sit cats and dogs of each other, and life went on for a couple of decades.

About 15 years ago my love affair with biking restarted. The combination of pedaling freely through the park to the beaches and sniffing new urban corners of  Tel Aviv were out of this world.

I just concluded that this was a win win combination and discovered how  biking and Tel Aviv complement each other.

Nowadays, I look back and can proudly say that I made the right decision, and more than that, I can even announce that I am a lucky fellow!!

Regarding the city, nowadays I can speak out loudly that