Tel Aviv Gay Parade

Tel Aviv Gay Parade celebration

TOP LGBT destination – Not Only For Cyclists As we already know, Tel Aviv is famous for being a CITY THAT NEVER  STOPS. But these days, Tel Aviv is beyond this motto. It  is absolutely bubbling, fizzy and colorful as a Tequila sunrise cocktail with delicious orange juice, grenadine syrup and ice. You may feel […]

My Exotic Birthday

My exotic birthday It was my 59th birthday and it was winter. Michael wanted to surprise me. It was the last opportunity to be surprised before turning 60, quite a achievement age wise…. It should be a different occasion but not a flight abroad, an amazing gastronomic experience, or a theatre play. I wanted it to […]

Urban Adventure

MY LATEST URBAN ADVENTURE Looking for new things to do for the exciting South Tel Aviv bike tour, I came across a striking gem, and I am about to reveal it to you. Exploring the New Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv felt like peeling an onion. Each lawyer took me further, until I bumped […]

Falling in Love

I fell in love with Tel Aviv and wanted to share this with you. I will give you a piece of my personal history… It all starts some decades ago. My family came from Capetown to Herzlyia Pituach when I was 4. One of the first memories of my childhood is sitting on my brother’s […]