Urban Adventure

Urban Adventure

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Looking for new things to do for the exciting South Tel Aviv bike tour, I came across a striking gem, and I am about to reveal it to you.

Exploring the New Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv felt like peeling an onion. Each lawyer took me further, until I bumped into endless breathtaking graffiti artwork. It really felt like finding a treasure!

  1. the way, this Station is in fact not that new, it is already 25 years old. Let’s face it, “everything is relative”.

Not only a Station, this is also a chance to see a prime architectural disaster of this city. What minimizes this blow, and makes it absolutely surprising (for the positive), is a project, in which a combination of international and Israeli artist created a hothouse of lively, colorful, sometimes shocking and dramatic graffiti. One clearly dives into a gigantic and original world of street art , and I reached this phenomena by bike, which made it even more fun.

This new Central Bus Station was so badly planned that one can easily get lost in it. I did it several times to sniff every single corner and discovered many abandoned shops which are, slowly but surely, turning into avant-garde art studios.

My most bizarre, maybe apparently “misplaced” discovery, was a Yiddish Living Museum, YES!! a Jewish cultural Museum in the epicenter of a meeting point between cultures, and it is called YUNG Yiddish Museum. All colours, all nationalities, dozens of different regions on this planet come to life in this important intersection of identities. And here there is a point ! Looking from this perspective, the Yiddish Living Museum is, after all, in its right place.

In addition to cultural activities, movies, music and events, this space is open for us to explore. Just to give you an example, while visiting the museum, a family was celebrating the birthday of a 93 year old grandfather (Zayde). The singing and dancing took over the entire hall.

This rich cultural scenario the New Central Bus Station is waiting for more and more discoveries. This place is to be shared, experienced, and that is certainly always more fun, if on a bike…

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