Tel Aviv Gay Parade

Tel Aviv Gay Parade

TOP LGBT destination – Not Only For Cyclists

As we already know, Tel Aviv is famous for being a CITY THAT NEVER  STOPS.

But these days, Tel Aviv is beyond this motto. It  is absolutely bubbling, fizzy and colorful as a Tequila sunrise cocktail with delicious orange juice, grenadine syrup and ice. You may feel free to garnish it with a cherry !

Beautiful people from all over the world, come in all colors and sizes of the rainbow, parties all over the place, juicy celebrations on almost every corner give the city a special aroma, scent and atmosphere.  

This is a unique chance to experience the fantastic day & nightlife Tel Aviv has to offer.

I suggest to start the afternoon with a Piña Colada, that get you started  with a big smile and the soothing rhythm. If you really feel like partying, let’s face it, this is the right place to be, a city that comes in a “user friendly” size, but invites you to party A LA GRANDE!

Now that you are feeling festive, Tel Aviv will invite you and prove it is a TOP gay destination. Just pick , from Hilton beach to Jaffa and you will discover one beach after the other, and realize there is much more than you are fishing for.

I was born in São Paulo, where the world’s biggest pride parade in the world takes place but, I will tell you a secret, while Tel Aviv is a relatively small city, it acts big! It takes fun seriously and because driving and drinking does not go together, the best will be to do it by bike.  

Time has come for you to leave cell phones & laptops behind and join  this epic playground where you can play until you fly.

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