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Magical Old Jaffa

An exciting guided bike tour through Tel Aviv.

This is where history was made, the perfect combination of tranquility, harmony mixed with a busy, exotic and Eastern flavored landscape.

Act now, join our ride from modern Tel Aviv to Jaffa Port, one of the most ancient ports in the world, and been in use for thousands of years!

Breathe deeply, smell the sea, feel the history that was made…. Here you will start your journey into the past….

Upon a short visit to the Port we will ride to Ajami, where you can witness, in real time, a process of architectural renewal.

Next, we will enter the Old city of Jaffa, ride to the observation point at Abraham’s Garden to have a view of Tel Aviv from the top;
Proceed our ride to the Flea market (my favorite spot)
Not by chance, the Clock Tower will be our last stop back in time, before returning to present and modern Tel Aviv.
Optional : stop at Abulafia or Abu Hasan (known as among the best humus in Israel)

Highlights: Promenade – Sea front Tel Aviv – Jaffa Port – Adjami Quarter – Old City – Wishing bridge Highest point – Clock tower

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